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The Way I Imagine a Sunday

The Way I Imagine Happiness

The Way I Imagine Our Future

The Way I Imagine Peace

Into the house where joy lives, happiness will gladly come.

(Japanese saying)

Home is our place of peace and serenity. It is our shelter and a safe harbor. Within this intimate space, only our rules apply. There we relax, laugh, plan our future and spend time with our loved ones.

There is no such thing as a universally ideal living space. Each one of us creates a unique vision of a home, according to their specific needs, habits and demands of everyday life. That is why we say that this is – “The Way I Imagine Life” and use it as our company motto.

Our company, SWISS HOMES is here to use it’s knowledge and experience to meet your specific needs and desires. Welcome.

About us

Zug, Switzerland
Zug, Switzerland

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Have you ever visited Switzerland?

A small country at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is well-known for its natural beauties – snowy mountain tops, green valleys and beautiful lakes. Apart from fairy tale natural ambience, Switzerland is also rich in architecture and building tradition. Modern, traditional and natural are gracefully intertwined here to form one harmonious entity. Minimalism, precision and harmony represent EVERLASTING values of Swiss society, which are also reflected in their building tradition.


Relying on the Swiss approach to architecture and design, SWISS HOMES Ltd. was established in 2017 with the goal to bring the Swiss standard and culture of living to Belgrade. We strive to solve the problems of dynamic and modern city life, as well as nourishing traditional family values. We hope you will enjoy one of our apartments and make it into a Home full of warmth and love. At the same time, our residential projects aim to enrich the environment with their unique look, quality and functionality.


SWISS HOMES is a company located in Belgrade and it is a part of company called SKYLEN AG, based in Switzerland, in the canton of Zug. SKYLEN is a family owned company with various properties in Switzerland and many years of experience in managing high level investment projects with budgets up to € 27 million. Our companies enjoy the support and trust of Swiss banks such as Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen, ZKB and have a great partnership with local banks like Raiffeisen, Sberbank and Direktna banka.

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Should you need any further information or have questions, You can contact us via:

Phone Number: +381 11 30 17 426
Email: office@swisshomes.rs

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