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Into the house where joy lives, happiness will gladly come.

(Japanese saying)

Home is our place of peace and serenity. It is our shelter and a safe harbor. Within this intimate space, only our rules apply. There we relax, laugh, plan our future and spend time with our loved ones.

There is no such thing as a universally ideal living space. Each one of us creates a unique vision of a home, according to their specific needs, habits and demands of everyday life. That is why we say that this is – “The Way I Imagine Life” and use it as our company motto.

Our company, SWISS HOMES is here to use it’s knowledge and experience to meet your specific needs and desires. Welcome.


12, Bistrička Street, Belgrade

Our wish is to bring the Swiss “feel” and class to this neighborhood. The layout, structure and refined look are the things that make this building stand out from the surroundings. It is inspired by the one the most beautiful mountain tops of Switzerland.

Considering the challenges of contemporary city life, dynamic jobs and long working hours, we have created a living space which strives to bring balance to your private and professional life and give you a sense of safety and tranquility.

Inspired by Swiss building tradition, we designed the “Monte Rosa” residential building with 21 units of different structure, layout and functionality. On the ground-floor, we have beautiful, harmonious apartments with a huge private outdoor space, suitable for families with children and elderly people alike. On the top floor, we have luxury penthouse units, with special amenities for living and relaxation.

Each SWISS HOMES housing unit represents a modern oasis, where you will easily relax after a hard day at work and enjoy the time dedicated to Yourself and to Your family.


The MONTE ROSA building is situated in Belgrade, in Bistrička Street, in a neighborhood called The Professors’ Colony – a part of the broader city center. It is a very quiet part of town, a tucked-in city oasis, where the great professors of Belgrade Old Town use to live and work in.

The peace and quiet of this neighborhood gives it a suburban feel, although it is one of the central parts of the city. Numerous green areas, parks and the close proximity of Zvezdara forest are suitable for families with small children, sportsmen and business people, as well as the elderly.

Buying an apartment at this location also represents a smart investment, since there is a clear trend of expanding the city center towards The Professors’ Colony neighborhood and Bistrička Street. This is indicated by the rise in real estate price in the area, and the rising standard of new buildings and life quality in general.

Location Info

Education Facilities

In immediate vicinity of the object, shielded from the city hustle, You will find pre-school Mali Princ, Primary Schools “Oslobodioci Beograda”, “Starina Novak”, “Vlada Aksentijević”. In this way, Your children will enjoy fast and safe walk to and from school. Literally speaking, “right behind the corner” is the location of several faculties of: Machinery, Architecture, Construction and Electrical Engineering.

Parks, Sports Facilities and Other Recreation Centers

You will be only short walk away from important city spots, such as Vuk Karadžić Monument, Tašmajdan Park and Sports Center. You can enjoy long walks, drinking coffee, running and other sport activities there. Also, there are numerous sport facilities and gyms in the neighbourhood which make living here more convenient.

Health-care Center

Dr. Milutin Ivković, Palilula

Shopping Malls, Restaurants and Cafes

In order to have everything at the reach of a hand, shopping mall Zira is near the housing, having numerous fashion stores, restaurants, cafes and well-supplied Super Vero supermarket. Enjoy shopping for You and Your family.

Public Transport

Location is well connected with other parts of the city by trolleybus lines 28 and 40, as well as by bus lines 65, 77 and 79.

About us

Zug, Switzerland
Zug, Switzerland

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Have you ever visited Switzerland?

A small country at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is well-known for its natural beauties – snowy mountain tops, green valleys and beautiful lakes. Apart from fairy tale natural ambience, Switzerland is also rich in architecture and building tradition. Modern, traditional and natural are gracefully intertwined here to form one harmonious entity. Minimalism, precision and harmony represent EVERLASTING values of Swiss society, which are also reflected in their building tradition.


Relying on the Swiss approach to architecture and design, SWISS HOMES Ltd. was established in 2017 with the goal to bring the Swiss standard and culture of living to Belgrade. We strive to solve the problems of dynamic and modern city life, as well as nourishing traditional family values. We hope you will enjoy one of our apartments and make it into a Home full of warmth and love. At the same time, our residential projects aim to enrich the environment with their unique look, quality and functionality.


SWISS HOMES is a company located in Belgrade and it is a part of company called SKYLEN AG, based in Switzerland, in the canton of Zug. SKYLEN is a family owned company with various properties in Switzerland and many years of experience in managing high level investment projects with budgets up to € 27 million. Our companies enjoy the support and trust of Swiss banks such as Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen, ZKB and have a great partnership with local banks like Raiffeisen, Sberbank and Direktna banka.

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