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The Way I Imagine Our Home

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12, Bistrička Street, Belgrade

Our wish is to bring the Swiss “feel” and class to this neighborhood. The layout, structure and refined look are the things that make this building stand out from the surroundings. It is inspired by the one the most beautiful mountain tops of Switzerland.

Considering the challenges of contemporary city life, dynamic jobs and long working hours, we have created a living space which strives to bring balance to your private and professional life and give you a sense of safety and tranquility.

Inspired by Swiss building tradition, we designed the “Monte Rosa” residential building with 21 units of different structure, layout and functionality. On the ground-floor, we have beautiful, harmonious apartments with a huge private outdoor space, suitable for families with children and elderly people alike. On the top floor, we have luxury penthouse units, with special amenities for living and relaxation.

Each SWISS HOMES housing unit represents a modern oasis, where you will easily relax after a hard day at work and enjoy the time dedicated to Yourself and to Your family.


The MONTE ROSA building is situated in Belgrade, in Bistrička Street, in a neighborhood called The Professors’ Colony – a part of the broader city center. It is a very quiet part of town, a tucked-in city oasis, where the great professors of Belgrade Old Town use to live and work in.

The peace and quiet of this neighborhood gives it a suburban feel, although it is one of the central parts of the city. Numerous green areas, parks and the close proximity of Zvezdara forest are suitable for families with small children, sportsmen and business people, as well as the elderly.

Buying an apartment at this location also represents a smart investment, since there is a clear trend of expanding the city center towards The Professors’ Colony neighborhood and Bistrička Street. This is indicated by the rise in real estate price in the area, and the rising standard of new buildings and life quality in general.

Location Info

Education Facilities

In immediate vicinity of the object, shielded from the city hustle, You will find pre-school Mali Princ, Primary Schools “Oslobodioci Beograda”, “Starina Novak”, “Vlada Aksentijević”. In this way, Your children will enjoy fast and safe walk to and from school. Literally speaking, “right behind the corner” is the location of several faculties of: Machinery, Architecture, Construction and Electrical Engineering.

Parks, Sports Facilities and Other Recreation Centers

You will be only short walk away from important city spots, such as Vuk Karadžić Monument, Tašmajdan Park and Sports Center. You can enjoy long walks, drinking coffee, running and other sport activities there. Also, there are numerous sport facilities and gyms in the neighbourhood which make living here more convenient.

Health-care Center

Dr. Milutin Ivković, Palilula

Shopping Malls, Restaurants and Cafes

In order to have everything at the reach of a hand, shopping mall Zira is near the housing, having numerous fashion stores, restaurants, cafes and well-supplied Super Vero supermarket. Enjoy shopping for You and Your family.

Public Transport

Location is well connected with other parts of the city by trolleybus lines 28 and 40, as well as by bus lines 65, 77 and 79.


What is the exact location of the Monte Rosa housing?
The MONTE ROSA object is at 12, Bistrička Street in Belgrade, in the quart called Professor’s Colony which is a part of a broader city center, that is Palilula Municipality. It is a really quiet quart, a quiet city oasis, where once, the greatest professors of Belgrade University lived and created.

The peace and quiet of this neighbourhood create a feel of suburb, though it is one of the central city parts. Numerous green areas, parks and close proximity of Zvezdara forest are suitable for families with small children, sportsmen and business people, as well as for the elderly people.

When does the construction of MONTE ROSA housing starts?
The construction of MONTE ROSA housing begins in July, 2019.
When is the handover of MONTE ROSA apartments expected?

The handover of MONTE ROSA apartments is expected at the winter of 2021.

When will the apartments of MONTE ROSA housing will be available for sale?
The apartments of MONTE ROSA housing will be available for sale in November 2019. Contact us and make reservation for Your home and gain benefits from more favourable pricing. You will have a better choice of apartments and parking spots.
What type of apartments do you offer?
We offer one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom apartments of different layouts and orientation. For more details go to the section: APARTMENTS or Contact us. We will gladly answer all Your questions, and together with You, we will find the best solution.
Terms of Purchase
Bank guarantee and payment upon the completion of housing construction are great recommendation for SWISS HOMES company and represent a certain guarantee to the future apartment owners.

Serbian citizens who live and work in Switzerland have the possibility to use bank loans.

NOTA BENE: If bought in pre-sale, buyers do not pay 2% agency fee for the apartment.

Conact us for more details.

What are the finance options?
Serbian citizens who live and work in Switzerland have the possibility to use bank loans.

For further information call us on: +381 11 30 17 426

Is it possible to buy an apartment through a bank loan?
Buyers with a bank loan: The building of our housing is monitored by the BANK which offers possibility to buyers to take a loan during first construction phases.

All adult (18+) citizens of Serbia who did not own a property since the 1st July, 2006 at the territory of Republic of Serbia will receive a VAT refund for the space up to 40m2, and refund for up to 15m2 per each member of their household as well. Value added tax for the new build housing is 10%, while it is 20% for the offices and garages.

Buyers with bank loans will have bank consultant at their disposal for any additional information.

What is the pricing per square meter?
Prices may vary depending on the apartment, there is no fixed price per square meter. Price depends on the orientation and on which floor You are buying the apartment.

Contact us for more details.

Do you offer garages for sale and what the price is?
In the underground part of the building is a garage with 4 types of parking spots. At the garage level you can choose between one parking spot, a double parking spot, a double and triple car stack parking. By designing the passenger lift we have secured efficient connection between the floors as well as with the underground garage.
How much money must be paid in order to make a reservation for the apartment and what the further payment dynamic is?
It is possible to make a reservation, with 5000 euros fixed payment, regardless of the apartment pricing. It is necessary to sign a precontract before the 1st of November, 2019.

Payment dynamics as agreed.

Which standard is applied regarding apartment equipment?
MONTE ROSA is equipped with high level materials. There are 2 options and the difference is in the class of ceramic, parquet flooring, sanitary ware, faucets and electrical accessories. Make a reservation and choose Your home according to Your style – This is how I envision life.
Is it possible to make small changes in the design?
Yes, up to a certain point, approximately till the end of the year. Our solutions have already been designed, but if You have suggestions which You find to be more efficient and appealing, we will be happy to implement these changes. Finally, it is a space for You, designated only to Your requests, in which You should feel comfortable and safe, with a wish to spend joyful time in it every day.
What type of heating does the housing have?
It is central city heating, and the installation of calorimeters will be performed in order to monitor individual heat consumption.
What is the designated height of the apartments, from the finished flooring up to the ceiling?
The height of the apartments, from the finished flooring up to the ceiling is 2.6 meters.