One-bedroom Apartment

Spaciousness, brightness and functionality are main features of these SWISS HOMES housing units. At the first sight, You will immediately feel the warmth and positive energy of these apartments, which is of great importance for the families with children and young couples. You only need to pick the right pieces of furniture which will breath life into this living space and give Your personal touch.

Two-bedroom Apartment

Quiet and isolated, these housing units are suitable for business people who want to escape from the city hustle and enjoy time for themselves. Special amenity of our two-bedroom apartments are two bathrooms – one with a shower and the other one with a bathtub – so that all family members can smoothly perform their everyday rituals. Use spaciousness and functionality of these apartments to create Your ideal living space.

Three-bedroom Apartment

Luxury penthouse units give maximum comfort and privacy to all family members. From the spacious terrace, You can enjoy beautiful panoramic view of the city. You can organize parties, meetings and informal gatherings there which You will cherish for a long time. Apartments are additionally equipped with roof windows which bring more natural light to the space especially in the late afternoon, which is a certain guarantee that You will be able to relax and enjoy in Your living space. Enjoy the privacy, broadness of the space and comfort, just the way how You envision life.

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